Keeping Personal Relationships and Friendships

Keeping Personal Relationships and Friendships has always been something that came to me with a great bit of difficulty. Not because i am not an awesome person or because i am a jerk or anything just because at times its hard for me to express my feelings in ways others understand. I get upset/worked up a lot of times over small things that most people would not care at all about and at times it is very difficult for people to understand why i am reacting the way i am. Since i have been going to therapy and on medication it has become easier for me but everyday it is a struggle and everyday it is something i work on constantly. Having to deal with and cope with mental illness on a daily basis does make having personal relationships difficult. There is still such a stigma now a days when it surrounds mental illness and a lot of people choose not to understand it or mention it at all. For me it is hard to disclose that i have a mental illness due to fear of rejection from others but once i begin to open up and get close to someone even at that point explaining whats going on is hard for people to accept and it is hard for people to understand how i cope or process things. Sometimes i get upset because i end up losing more relationships/friendships that end up holding on but i do know the ones that stick around are worth it. Nobody said having a mental illness was easy and all we can do each day is try our best to make it through and try our best to cope with the least amount of destruction to the world and those around us.  Going into therapy and getting on medication has changed my life for the better and for once i have never been in a better place mentally. I recommend anyone suffering from mental illness get some type of help, whether its medication, therapy, holistic, reiki, or maybe a combination of all three. You not only will benefit in your life but it will help you build those close relationships with those around you that you want in your circle on a daily basis and through out your entire life. 

I try not to become discouraged when someone walks out of my life because they do not understand what’s going on with me or they just do not understand how to handle it or they feel like “woo that’s just to much for me to deal with.” I have learned that you can not force people to be in your life and anyone that walks out of it is just making room for the others who will one day cross paths with you and change your life for the better. Sometimes it can be lonely but i do know whoever chooses to stick around is worth it. Close friends/relationships are hard to find now a days so i try to appreciate the people in my life in my small circle the most i can. I appreciate anyone who sticks around because it’s not easy but when they stick around i know they feel that i am worth it and that means the world to me. 

August 15, 2020

Written By: Amanda Paige Medina


Author: Amanda Paige

I am a 30 year old woman, i have two children and i work full time. I am far from normal, but that is a good thing. I go through everyday challenges with friends, family, loved ones, and work just like any other person would. But at the end of the day I am me and no one is going to change that. Your true happiness is all that matters at the end of day. Life may not be fair but you can sure make it fun!! Living my best life; Life is long so make sure you live every day to the fullest Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or Licensed Psychologist please seek help if you need it.

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