People Just Like You

Charlene Friar

Migraines – More than just a pain in the head

Whenever I tell anyone I have a migraine, the response is always the same: “just take some paracetamol and drink plenty of water”. While this is good advise for a standard headache, it won’t even touch the sides of migraine. They feel, well mine do anyway, like your full head is being crushed and you can’t focus on anything apart from the pain. I’ve had countless days off work and
stuck in bed because them and it can affect you mentally. They are very debilitating and because it is not an illness you can see, some people find it hard to be believe how bad it can be.

Suffering from migraines while being a mum is so difficult. I feel so guilty if I miss something or have to stay in bed due to a migraine but my boys are so supportive. They know if mum need to lie down not to be too loud and will usually lie in bed with me for a bit to try and cheer me up. If it wasn’t for
them and the support from my husband, I don’t think I would be able to get through it. It’s important for being to remember that just because you cannot see an illness, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real and people should be kind to each other as you don’t know what someone is facing.

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